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We Are Flowers is a multimedia poetry collection that touches on trauma, abuse, love, and heartbreak through a journey of enlightenment. 


The series comprises poems by Salvadorian-American writer Diana Vergara and performative images in collaboration with LA photographer Ashley Balderrama. 

Being born in Oakland, California as the daughter of two Salvadorians, blessed me with the unique experience of living as a first-gen Salvadorian-American woman. My homeland of El Salvador, where I lived from ages five to fifteen, was the first place where I wrote a poem and became familiarized with Ruben Dario. The Spanish in my poetry is a tribute to my native language and a light on my experience living in between two worlds and two cultures. Both a vital part of my human experience. Growing up in a home with domestic violence and abuse took me years to understand the depth of trauma these heavy experiences left inside me as an adult. My hurt came through in relationships and everything else in my life. As a teenager, I suffered from low self-esteem and depression. As an adult, I have gone through an arduous healing process, which I dare say is my life's most valuable work and still very much in the works. This poem collection was born at times when I felt hopeless and during other times I felt hopeful. This collection represents my journey to health through the ups and downs, no matter how many voices told me otherwise.